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No. 18: Target Field in Minneapolis

Home Run On Wheels saw a pair of games at the home of the Minnesota Twins, whose logo hints at the namesake Twin Cities. No, that is not a Chicago Bears “C” wrapped around the Twins “T”, and it’s probably not a good idea to bring that up in Minnesota.

Art made from baseball bats outside Bat & Barrel at Target Field

As you approach Target Field you notice it is very close to Target Center and U.S. Bank Stadium. This is definitely a sports town and the downtown area is quite active.

The stadium itself is nice and open and boasts quite a few items of interest. Take some time to walk around the outside and visit with the Peanuts Gang before you head in to see the game.


Patti says  (4 RVs)

There are many great options for getting to a Twins game. Book parking for as low as $8 or take advantage of other transportation options.

We chose to visit the Mall of America first, so we parked there and rode the light rail. The train system is very easy to navigate and also goes to the airport, in case you are hopping off or on a plane going to or from the game.

Ron says

We’re not quite sure how good or bad Twins traffic is downtown for a couple of reasons. One, we took the light rail from the Mall of America. Two, we went to games on Saturday and Sunday, so we didn’t experience Minneapolis during a weekday rush hour.

That said, Target Field is one of the easier stadiums to navigate and it helps that the light rail takes you right there.


Patti says

The Peanuts Gang greets you outside Target Field

We experienced a gorgeous day at this ballpark and the fans were excited for the game. When the Twins hit a homer, they pay homage to their hometown Prince by playing “Let’s Go Crazy” and the fans oblige.

A Carl Pohlad quote next to the statue of the former Twins owner and his wife Eloise reads, “The great thing about baseball is the way it brings families and a community together. The chance to spend the afternoon with your kids at the ballpark pulling for your team — well there’s nothing better!”

The team certainly made sure Target Field is a family-friendly venue with lots to see outside and in.

Ron says

Twins great Kent Hrbek

Target Field is one of the better stadiums in baseball and Minnesota fans — regardless of sport — are a passionate bunch.

While most of that diehard passion is reserved for the Vikings, the Twins do get their share. Twins fans are proud of their team in what is sort of a baseball outpost, but one that is rich with tradition. The Twins recognize their World Series championship teams of 1987 and 1991 with banners and statues.

We saw the Twins win twice, which helped create a wonderful atmosphere in which to experience baseball games as the energetic fans were loud from start to finish.


Patti and Ron both say:

There are so many good options it is difficult to choose what to eat at Target Field. We had researched choices online and when we arrived an usher gave us a guide.

The first day Patti opted to support a great cause and eat a tasty salad from Roots for the Home Team. This organization creates opportunities for young people to discover new possibilities and pathways in their lives, through salads and social innovation. Although we did not see the Roots stand past the Wisconsin brats in Milwaukee, they also started serving at Miller Park in 2018.

Other fare we sampled over our two games included an Indian dish, Andrew Zimmern’s Sloppy Ko, and a Red Cow 60/40 Bacon Burger which comes with deliciously seasoned fries.

The classics are available as well. You won’t go hungry or be disappointed. You can find a complete list of concessions online.


Patti and Ron both say: 

A Target Field panoramic from our July 8 seats

The amenities are not the only family -friendly aspect at Target Field. Tickets and concessions are reasonably priced.

The Twins were generous to donate 30 tickets to Family Alternatives of Minnesota for the July 7 game. But we bought tickets for the July 8 game as well and spent just $26 apiece for a field-level section down the third-base line.

These were very good seats in prime foul ball territory — although Ron is still waiting to get his first baseball at an MLB game.

Armed Forces Appreciation Day at Target Field


It was Armed Forces Appreciation Day at the ballpark on July 8, and the crowd was treated to a helicopter flyover and rock tunes played by a military band. Before each game, the Twins recognize veterans and/or active-duty service members who then raise the flag before the playing of the national anthem.

There are also multiple bars and restaurants inside Target Field. We visited Bat & Barrel, which has first-come, first-served seating indoor and out and plenty of large TVs. The World Cup was in progress, so they were showing that as well as the baseball game.

We also checked out 2 Gingers Pub, which is at terrace level behind home plate and boasts another great view of the field.


Minneapolis-St. Paul is an area with much to see and do. In the immediate vicinity of Target Field there are several restaurants and bars to which one can walk. Some even have rooftops.

A trip to the Twin Cities would not be complete without a visit to Mall of America. The shopping is not all that different than other large malls. It is the large amusement park in the center that truly sets this place apart. We rode a roller coaster on which the car spun in addition to going up and down hills. There are also smaller rides for younger kids to enjoy. Following our roller coaster ride, we then went to the mall’s movie theater to see Ant-Man and the Wasp. (It’s good.)

We also toured Paisley Park. An unassuming white building that you would not guess was a residence houses multiple music studios, entertainment venues, and an expansive impressive movie studio. Did you know that some interior scenes from Grumpy Old Men were filmed there? We did not. The tour is not cheap, but it is worth it — especially for Prince fans. Purchase tickets ahead of time to get a better deal. You might also consider one of the VIP tours or one that includes a live DJ dance party. Whatever you choose, it is enjoyable to hear the stories and tread where the multi-talented Prince once lived and worked.

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There were also podcast interviews with MLB players, musicians and people involved with foster care.

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