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Stadium 7: Yankee Stadium in New York City

We wish we had been to the old Yankee Stadium before visiting the current venue so we had a comparison baseline.

Home Run On Wheels

Entering Yankee Stadium at Gate 6

That said, Yankee Stadium does a nice job of combining the old with the new and using aspects of the former stadium in the current building.

As soon as you walk into the stadium through Gate 6, you are greeted with giant banners of the Yankees Hall of Famers. It adds to the mystique of Yankee Stadium feeling like an old stadium instead of one that opened in 2009.


Patti says  (3 RVs)

As you might expect, parking at Yankee Stadium is an expensive venture. Prepaid individual-game parking must be obtained from icon/Quik Park and starts at $40. That being said, who drives in NYC?

The Metropolitan Transit Authority has its issues — we encountered an express line made local because of maintenance issues more than once — but all in all the subway is the best way to go. Just plan ahead and ask the locals for help. Noticing our chagrin, a fellow passenger directed us to change trains. That got us back on an express line.

Ron says

Take the subway. You do not want to drive to Yankee Stadium. It is an arduous process to simply get to the stadium by car and then the parking is a nightmare in the residential Bronx neighborhood.

Our new friends Steve Melia and Marybeth Longona drove us to the Bronx the day before we went to a game and traffic for a 6:30 p.m. ET game was awful.

We went the next night and took the subway and had a much smoother transition — though getting into the stadium was also a pain. If taking the subway, do not enter through Gate 6 because that is the entry right off the subway. Walk down to another entrance and you’ll have a much shorter wait.


Patti says

Part mist, part fog at Yankee Stadium on April 25

Someone we spoke to previously told us they did not like the way Yankee Stadium feels so “close.” The upper decks are stacked above the lower. I really liked that aspect, in that it made for a more intimate baseball experience.

When strolling the concourse though, I felt disengaged as it was difficult to see what was happening. There is a lot of concrete.

Despite that, I liked seeing a game at Yankee Stadium. Overall the fans are quite engaged and I enjoyed seeing the lights flash when Tyler Austin hit a home run.

Ron says

Even though the game we went to was on a cold and wet Wednesday night, the place was packed.

Yankees fans are a passionate group and the tickets are in high demand. That all adds up to a very cool place to watch a game.


Patti and Ron both say

Everything about the food at Yankee Stadium is very good; it just costs a pretty penny to eat. Like every other MLB stadium, you can bring food into the stadium and if you don’t want to spend a lot, that is the suggested move.

If you did want to eat at the stadium, you can’t go wrong with a Nathan’s hot dog or a New York steak.


Patti and Ron both say: 

From tickets to parking to the concessions prices, everything about Yankee Stadium is expensive. There is one spot where you don’t have to break the bank and that’s the Nathan’s Hot Dog stand down the third-base line. You can get an $8 hot dog, but you can also get a bucket full of chicken tenders and fries for $20, which would be perfect for a family wanting to share some food.


Yankee Stadium does a really good job of blending the old with the new and that is best epitomized with Monument Park. Unfortunately, you can only gain entrance to the plaque-laden museum before the game. Once the first pitch is thrown, that area is shut down except to those with a special section ticket.


There isn’t enough time and/or money to see everything New York has to offer in just a few days or even a month.

It’s the city that never sleeps and, whether it’s shopping at Times Square, going to a baseball game, visiting Central Park and the multitude of museums there, the Central Park and Bronx zoos, going to see a Broadway show, or simply wandering through a neighborhood to sample some local cuisine, New York is fantastic. The City Pass is a great way to see many sights for a discounted fee, and bypass some lines.

Just don’t drive. Use the subway and you’ll be much happier.

Home Run On Wheels, Home Run On Wheels

Trace the footsteps of Ron and Patti as they traveled in their RV to all 30 MLB stadiums in 2018. Along the way, they wrote stadium reviews, talked about food, baseball and life in an RV, and how you can help a child in need.
There were also podcast interviews with MLB players, musicians and people involved with foster care.


  1. Craig Powell on 10/31/2018 at 12:39 PM

    I am going to Yankee stadium for a football game on 11/17/18 (Notre Dame vs. Syracuse) with a min-bus and want to tailgate. Do you have any suggestions on where can I park?

    • Home Run On Wheels on 11/05/2018 at 5:52 PM

      Don’t drive. Take the subway. Yankee Stadium doesn’t allow tailgating, but there are several nearby bars in which to hang out.

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