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Phillies baseball, U.S. history and Philly cheesesteaks

Ron and Patti detail their visit to Philadelphia with the Phillies’ sweep of the Pirates at Citizens Bank Park, multiple museum visits, Rocky and, of course, Philly cheesesteaks reviews.

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Sunset in Philadelphia from the One Liberty Observation Deck

Pirates players waiting for an infield popup

Home Run On Wheels, Home Run On Wheels

Trace the footsteps of Ron and Patti as they traveled in their RV to all 30 MLB stadiums in 2018. Along the way, they wrote stadium reviews, talked about food, baseball and life in an RV, and how you can help a child in need.
There were also podcast interviews with MLB players, musicians and people involved with foster care.

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  1. Feori on 04/26/2018 at 9:18 AM

    1st: Can we admit that Kapler is not doing this alone. So sick of everyone acting like Kapler is some rogue cowboy. He”s not, he doing exactly what he was hired to do. the front office is behind this 100% and they should be because the rest of baseball figured this out 10 years ago. The Phillies have been a joke because they refused to accept that every single team that has gone all-in with analytics and had the money spend (which the Phillies do) has won a world series. 2nd: games are longer because of TV commercials. more so than ANYTNHING else. You want to speed up the game, adopt the soccer approach of no commercials, except maybe during the 7th inning stretch. 3rd: kids are not going to “fall asleep playing video games, but they are a major reason that attendance and interest in general is down across ALL sports. And not just for kids, adults too, and not just sports, the movie industry is also feeling the loss in revenue.

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