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At the All-Star Game

Home Run On Wheels is in Cleveland for the 2019 MLB All-Star Game. We spent all day Sunday at the PlayBall Park, which has a lot to do, and we share our thoughts on what to expect from Monday’s Home Run Derby and Tuesday’s All-Star Game itself. There is so much to do in the…

Comparing MLB’s roofed stadiums

After seeing their sixth retractable roof stadium in Houston, Ron and Patti compare MLB’s roofed stadiums. We also got some more media coverage in Houston, including our first television coverage as we continue our mission of raising awareness of the needs of children in the foster system. We are grateful to KHOU in Houston, the…

The blooper episode

Ron and Patti go over the mistakes they’ve made so far through the first four months of living in an RV. There was an issue at the U.S.-Canada border, some mail in limbo between College Park, Md., and Philadelphia, and an embarrassing situation near the Indiana-Illinois border.

More tickets for kids plus wings and waterfalls

Home Run On Wheels

Ron and Patti are back to baseball and back in the U.S.A. They checked out a Triple-A game in Buffalo and have some big news about getting more kids out to MLB games. They also discussed Ron’s first visit to Niagara Falls and the multiple waterfalls in the Niagara escarpment.

Ranking the AL & NL East division stadiums

A third of the way through their Home Run On Wheels MLB RV stadium tour, Ron and Patti Clements have seen games at the home stadium of every team in the American League and National League East divisions. How do they rank? Numbers 8 through 10 are identical, but the husband-wife pair differ at the…