Home Run On Wheels 2018 MLB RV trip schedule

March 29: Cubs at Marlins with Our Kids of Miami-Dade/Monroe


April 1: Red Sox at Rays and an interview with Chris Archer


April 2: Nationals at Braves


April 8: Mets at Nationals for Holmes' first MLB game


April 10: Blue Jays at Orioles


April 20: Pirates at Phillies


April 25: Twins at Yankees


April 28: Rays at Red Sox


May 1: Braves at Mets


May 13: Red Sox at Blue Jays


May 25: Cardinals at Pirates


May 29: White Sox at Indians


June 5: Rockies at Reds (Holmes' second MLB game)

June 8: Cardinals at Reds with the Pohlman family from Murfreesboro, Tenn. It was the first MLB game for their 8-year-old son, Finnegan.


June 13: Twins at Tigers with the Student Advocacy Center of Michigan


June 17: Tigers at White Sox with Patti's family

June 19: Dodgers at Cubs


June 21: Cardinals at Brewers with Anu Family Services

June 23: Cardinals at Brewers with our St. Louis friends and Ron's family

July 4: Twins at Brewers followed by fireworks and music at Summerfest


July 7: Orioles at Twins with Family Alternatives
July 8: Orioles at Twins with Patti's cousins

July 11: Diamondbacks at Rockies with Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains




July 22: White Sox at Mariners with Ron's uncle and cousins


July 27: Brewers at Giants on Ron's birthday


July 30: Blue Jays at Athletics


Aug. 1: Brewers at Dodgers


Aug. 6: Tigers at Angels


Aug. 10-11: Phillies at Padres for Patti's birthday


Aug. 21: Angels at Diamondbacks


Aug. 28: Athletics at Astros
Sept. 2: Angels at Astros for Dog Day as Holmes will go to his third MLB game


Sept. 4: Angels at Rangers with Ron's mom, her husband and two of their friends


Sept. 11: White Sox at Royals


Sept. 14: Dodgers at Cardinals with families from the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition in St. Louis

Sept. 16: Dodgers at Cardinals with several friends, including Children's Hope Alliance CEO Celeste Dominguez

Sept. 23: Giants at Cardinals with more families from the Foster & Adoptive Care Coalition

Sept. 24-25: Brewers at Cardinals

Postseason: TBD

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